Apa Itu Defensive Driving / What is defensive driving?

adalah pelatihan, training, dan  hampir semuanya adalah merubah pola pikir pengemudi. Intinya adalah jaminan atas semua biaya keselamatan dalam perjalanan.

It is a training, a practice, and most of all, a mindset for motor vehicle drivers. The bottom line is that it seeks to guarantee at all possible costs safety in traveling.

Defensive driving dapat diperoleh melalui pelbagai aturan tentang jalan raya dan juga melalui tahapan latihan tentang teknik mengemudi. Pengemudi yang mengerti mengenai defensive driving biasanya mempunyai pengetahuan, kemampuan dan sikap yang benar dalam mengemudi, Yang bersangkutan mengetahui mengenai rambu lalulintas, kemampuan yang tinggi bukan berarti yang bersangkutan menjadi sok jagoan atau terlalu yakin, juga sikapnya saat mengemudi selalu menghargai pengguna jalan lainnya.

Defensive driving may be achieved through proper adherence to a variety of general rules of the road as well as practicing driving techniques.

A driver who understands defensive driving is one who possesses the knowledge, skills and the right attitude while driving. He / she knows the traffic rules, is highly skilled when it comes to driving but not lax or overconfident, and has a right attitude towards driving and others on the road.

Pengemudi yang mengerti mengenai defensive driving mempelajari dan menguasai situasi jalan raya dan tidak terpengaruh pada pengemudilainnya yang mempunyai cara mengemudi buru. Pengemudi ini selalu waspada dari segala bentuk ancaman jalan raya atau bahaya yang disebabkan oleh pengemudi lain atau karena situasi jalan.

A driver who knows defensive driving has learned to control road rage and is not easily affected by other drivers who may exhibit bad driving behavior and practices. Such driver always keeps himself alert for possible obstructions on the road that may be caused by other drivers or other external situations.

Pengemudi yang mengerti defensive driving selalu waspada dan memandang jauh kedepan. Dia akan bersikap dan mengidentifikasi serta memprediksi akan adanya masalah dijalan raya dan sesegera mungkin memutuskan dan bersikap yang diperlukan untuk menghindari bahaya atau celaka.

A driver who practices defensive driving is ever watchful and careful. He is one who can quickly identify and predict potential road problems and then immediately decide and act appropriately to avoid dangers and accidents.

Car manufacturers are constantly coming up with new features and innovations on their vehicles to give the ultimate protection to the drivers and riders. From air bags to skid controls and dozens of safety features, car makers are promising safer ride.

Yet, no matter how advanced the safety features that new cars have, the ultimate responsibility for a safe ride lies with the driver. Starting with the daily routine checks of oil, gas, tires, brakes, and other important parts of the car to regular maintenance procedures, drivers should practice defensive driving. Doing so may mean the difference between life and death.

The following are some of the basic concepts of defensive driving:

• Slow down, especially during inclement weather conditions or at night
• Do not follow too closely
• Concentrate on your driving at all times
• Never drive if you are impaired by lack of sleep or being under the influence
• Check your mirrors frequently
• Assume that drivers will run through stop signs or red lights at intersections and be prepared to react
• Keep a watchful eye on pedestrians and pets along the roadside.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 16 September 2009 18:10 )


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