Training Title          : BASIC FIRE FIGHTING (BFF)
Duration                  : 1 day (08-00 – 17.00) Theoretical and practical
Training Overview  : 


To provide participants with knowledge of fire hazardous and skills to respond fire emergency, Provide the ability o use the emergency equipment and apply the safety procedure to secure the assets environment and their survival in a afire emergency. 

Ensure that the participant has the ability and opportunity to provide their fire fighters with basic fire fighter training that is affordable, accessible, achievable and based on community risk.





  • Basic K 3
  • Principle of fire streams, theoretical of fire and anatomy
  • Nozzles (types, design, operation, flow capabilities)
  • Precautions to be followed when advancing hose lines to a fire
  • Observable results when fire stream properly applied
  • Fire caused dangerous building conditions
  • Principles of exposure protection
  • Hand fire extinguisher specifications and how to use
  • Fire fighting practical

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