Duration                  : 


2 days (08-00 – 17.00) Theoretical and practical 


Training Overview  : To provide participants with knowledge, skills and understanding of health and safety standard operating procedures, provide participants to respond the emergency situation appropriately, prepare their knowledge and skill for an emergency in offshore environment, provide participants to use safety equipment and provide the survival techniques in open water. 



Syllabus                   :

  • General emergency and safety introduction
  • Basic first aid techniques to save live prevent worsening and promote recovery
  • Principle basic live support– EAR, CPR, DR, ABC
  • Basic live support practical
  • All about Fire, theory, chemistry, anatomy, classification, caused etc
  • Action in case of fire
  • Practical of fire fighting, using of fire extinguishers, fire blanket, etc
  • Offshore installation safety briefing, emergency situations, evacuation and escape method.
  • Life raft management and maintenance
  • Survival techniques in the open water



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